This is my personal blog and my name is Johan Ryberg and I have worked with security and data communications since 1999. I am employed as Technical Operations Manager at NTT Com Security, formerly known as Secode with responsibility of the operations of the servers and infrastructure of our alarm centers in Sweden and Norway and for the global infrastructure for advanced analytic capabilities.

I was employed as a systems specialist at Multicom Security AB with focus on IT security and working with the company network and servers with wide experience in OpenBSD, Linux, Microsoft Server as a server operating system and Cisco, HP and OpenBSD on the network side. I was the operations manager of Multicom Security’s IP-based alarm platform (Multicom IP) and I have been involved in the development of our alarm transmitter Tor III, Idun and the platform that handles the alarm transmitters and communication with basically all of Sweden’s alarm receiver. Mobile data communcation is also somthing I regualy work with since the services is based on both radio and ethernet communication. A slightly older system that I also work with is the Mobitex which is a packet-switched radio networks, which until recently been nationwide since the 1980. Mobitex is widely used by ambulances, fire brigades, rescue services but also by taxi, transportation service and buses. This system is administered via a mainframe running VAX/VMS.

Most posts on the blog is about things that I encounter in my work or in my spare time, almost always related to IT security, system administration, or some tips and tricks. It can also happen that some posts about another great interest and is food and pastries which means you have to put up with one and another recipe. —  Johan Ryberg, johan(a)